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Palace Music Lost Blues & other Songs 2-LP

Palace Music Lost Blues & other Songs 2-LP


Palace Music

Lost Blues and Other Songs... Domino 2012 reissue 

Double Vinyl Mint & Sealed


Imagine a fan. Among the collected are the band's best loved sides, as well as most of the original singles, some outtakes and demos, even a live song. Don't lose…


'lost songs' was the first compilation oldham released. the collection rounds up many of the palace singles and b sides long with some unreleased recordings. the debut palace brothers single: 'ohio river boat song' is included as is oldham's version of sally timms of the mekons song 'horses.' although a cover 'horses' is one of the definitive palace songs. oldham's voice wavers with an intensity he saves for more emotional lyrics and an extraordinary guitar solo by david pajo cuts through the rest of the song with a delightfully unhinged aggression (oldham had asked pajo to play a solo that sounded like slash). other highlights of lost blues are the songs from the 'west palm beach / gulf shores,' two of the dreamiest tracks oldham has recorded and a highlight of the palace canon. the live version of 'riding' is also a revelation. originally featured on the 'there is no one' album, the song was an agnostic foot stomp about brothers and sisters, here it is turned into a three guitar assault. the contrast perfectly illustrates how oldham refused to be constrained by any signature style, but how everything he did under the palace name was instantly recognisable as his and his alone.


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